Affiliate Program

How the SSAC Affiliate Program works ?

Under our Affiliate Program you can earn maximum by refer our product & services. You don’t need any technical qualification or any kind professional communication skill, you just need to refer our brand to your contact lead for any kind of product or services what we provide, if your lead is ready to accept our proposal and work with us, then you will get 10% commission as referral fee on final gross invoice value.

Those leads which you refer to us, will always gain more referral fee for you if they again do more project with us, you can say it is a life time income until your lead will be work with us.

For more information about this Affiliate Program you can mail us and for understanding our products and services you can visit our website also.

Bloggers/Vloggers, Freelancers, Professionals, Consultants or any individual with no technical qualifications can be a part of this program.

Signup the below mentioned form or download our Android & IOS App from Google Play Store and App Store respectively

it depends upon your involvement with this program. Under this program there is no limit of earnings for any individual or business. For every referal a pertner can earn up to 20% of project cost.